Lansdowne – The Pine forest paradise.

If you are fed up of hush & rush of city life and want to get away from it, living in Delhi or nearby then best weekend getaway destination is Lansdowne. The fresh clean air of Lansdowne surrounded by thick layers of pine trees around with soothe your mind and body. Lansdowne is nearest hill station from Delhi NCR so its the best option to discover this non-commercialized hill station.

Best place for nature lovers, peace seekers and who prefer neat and clean surrounding then Lansdowne is the best option to make your travel destination. Its a hill station in the north Indian state of Uttarakhand. Its under Cantonment area and therefore maintained by Indian Army. Main highlight of Lansdowne is that its non-commercialized hill station thereby less crowd and quite compared to other tourist destinations.


My stay amidst Pine Forest:

My stay in Lansdowne was Shanti Raaj Hill View resort. If you want to have some adventurous fun and lifetime memorable experience then do stay here. Its wonderful and situated amidst of Pine Forest. Every breath you take in Lansdowne Pine forest area is so fresh that you will feel more active and energized.




Bhulla Taal:

This is the most visited place in Lansdowne which have Ornament garden, Boating, Bird zoo and Food court. Its great for family outing, children play area is also there so you can keep them busy.

Food court is within premises with good food and boating rates are reasonable.



St. John’s Church:

This church is situated near to Bhulla Taal and the vibes inside the church are very Positive. Just spend some time inside with eyes closed and relaxing the mind, absorbing positivity in surroundings.


After we spent 2 days in Lansdowne we planned to return back to Delhi via Haridwar and Rishikesh.



During night we reached Har Ki Paudi and it was enriching experience.






The next day we headed towards Rishikesh to enjoy some water sports and shopping. I bought Singing bowl from Rishikesh which is rare to find in India and was available at Rishikesh at almost all shops. If you are into relaxing meditation then do try Singing bowl.


Enjoyed my trip to Lansdowne, Haridwar and Rishikesh in 3 days and reached home with full relaxed mind ready to work with better efficiency for next few months.


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