Cleaner Living: Poster and banner removal programme

How many of you have noticed advertisment posters and banners sticking on public places even outside your own house building? I am sure many of you its due to lack of restriction to advertising groups who work privately and don’t follow social rules of keeping the city clean. One such cleaning drive I participated during my work tenure for Google. I went in a group to help Municipal Corporation of Delhi to participate and remove such illegal advertisments as Posters and banners in public area.


The main thing that I enjoyed about this drive was that people from all age groups participated and we as a team cleaned almost every corner of the designated area although some private company owners tried to restrict us but we managed to inform them and do what is ethical.


Such places was cleaned for through Poster hatao drive.


For participation in poster Hatao Campaigns you can visit there Facebook page at

Help Delhi and even your surroundings where ever you live in India to be clean and free from illegal Posters.

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