Giving back and Sharing – Feeding Animals in Need.

The joy of giving and sharing is incomparable especially when its with Animals. Somehow people forget the animals on street due to their day to day personal worries and lack of time (although everyone have time to take out from routine) resulting in ignorance of animals in need.

We humans are always consider helping another human mostly monetary when there’s an opportunity to give back to society but these days a lot of cheating is happening on the name of religion and some fake NGO’s who play with human emotions to fetch money so my concept is Simple. Just take out some time and feed Animals on Streets or help then when you see any animal in need as they can’t speak human language and cannot ask for personal help. Even if you are not animal friendly then can keep a local animal rescue number in contact list and call them so they can help.


Here are some of the snapshot clicked by my wife when I played with street dogs and feed them. They get food and I get unconditional love back from them 🙂


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