Money plant – The multiplying factor of Oxygen and Beauty

Money plants are one of my favorite indoor accesories as it survives easily indoor and outdoor and I don’t need to put much efforts maintaining it 🙂 As I am a huge fan of this plant and have grown it myself for home indoor beautification and purification. Along with gifting to my friends due to its uses and overall benefits I thought to write and share my home grown Money plant pictures it for its easy method re-generate money plant from a cut stem.

Money plant is mainly used as an indoor plant because of the foliage and rapid growth. It energizes the home by filtering air and increasing oxygen inflow. It also activate positive energy in our day-to-day lives. As per Feng Shui its recommended to plant money plants inside the house as they bring good luck.


For growing money plants of your own you just need to cut the stem from plant with a root emerging from it. Now take a bowl and fill it with water and insert the stem. Keep the plant in shaded and ventilated area outside your home for a week till the roots grow in length. Once roots are fully grown then you can place the money plant pot or bowl at your office desk or any place where you wish a living decoration item. Try to refill some portion of water weekly as some water evaporate depending on room humidity levels.

Here, in this picture above I decorated my Bathroom Window with reusable tiny bottles for growing Money plants. Due to bathroom high humidity levels roots start growing even above bottle water surface taking moisture from air for growth.

Best as a Gift to Someone.


The picture below is from my office desk where I added stems from Money plants of different variety.



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