Be like a Phoenix who Grow from the Ashes.

The phase you are going through whether good or bad, you either learn from it or cherish it. Life is like a beach with variation in waves sometimes rough and sometimes smooth, learn to go with the flow if you want to sail into the sea.

Through up and down experiences in my life I wished to share these thoughts which are briefed up in following 3 points that may help you to sail boat (You) in Sea (Life) with self satisfaction and happiness:

  1. You are the master of your destiny: Never allow anyone to be the captain of your ship; be it your Friends, your spouse or even your Parents. Trust your instinct and go with it for life decisions. If your taking advice from everyone and doing what they suggest then your giving them the control to ride your ship which is not only risky but you may not be going in the direction you wanted and will loose the experience to ride the ship as well.
  2. Observe the things around you: See your life and people around you; is the surrounding Motivating you to do something better or affecting you somehow by which your not able to go with what you really want? Then Observe an make baby steps to overcome and avoid the negative people and thereby negative energy around you, so can Push yourself being better and Happier with your power to overcome mental restrictions as bondage.
  3. Never loose hope even when your going through worst experiences in life: I always have Faith on the Almighty that whatever I am going through in my life is with a reason. Reason to teach me something about someone, about situations to handle them in a better way next time, about learning to deal with some mishappenings which are out of my control. Every time I go through challenges I know that it’s going to teach me something or the other; just have blind faith on the Supreme Soul – The Almighty and Believe in yourself. Everything will fit into place sooner or later when you look back and evaluate your difficult time you will realize the importance of that bad moment as a Teacher in your life to make you better than you were earlier.

With this mindset anyone can live life with ease and satisfaction and I feel confident about challenges to face with faith and self believe.

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