Ponmudi Hill Station – Love in Nature’s Lap

Taking break from daily routine could be good option to rejuvenate your mind and thus body. For anyone who loves Lush Green surrounding, dense forest, less crowd and Nature then my this travel destination could be in your wish list. 

This time I went to Hill Station known as Ponmudi which is in Kerala state of India. Kerala is famous for many things but Beaches and Dense forest are among the top for nature and travel enthusiast. Over the weekend I made a plan with my friends to explore this nature’s Paradise. 

We started off from Kazakhottam in Trivandrum early morning on Bikes. The route towards Ponmudi is smooth with some twist and turns which is enjoyable if your the driver riding a two wheeler but would prefer to go in car if your with family. Along the journey to Ponmudi Hill I discovered alot of unique natural spots and plantations which are listed here. 

Rubber Plantation:

On the way we spotted Rubber plantation area and stopped there to check the same.
Rubber is made from the extraction of a liquid from Rubber trees. This liquid is extremely elastic and is taken out through slight scratching a portion of the Rubber tree trunk. The extracted liquid is then sent to rubber factories for processing and manufacturer of rubber products.



After having our breakfast and relaxing for sometime we resumed our journey and around half an hour we reached a spot of river stream where we witnessed fresh scenic beauty and crystal clear river stream surrounded by quiet and calming environment. 



Tea Gardens: 

We decided our destination to visit Meenmutty waterfalls before we were about the reach Ponmudi on the way we stopped at this Tea Garden where the air we felt was full of oxygen and filled our lungs with pure air. Ponmudi is a part of western ghats which is famous for tea, coffee, cinnamon, clove and many other spices and herb gardens producing highest quality herbs in the world. 



Meenmutty Waterfalls:

After about an hour we reached Ponmudi Eco Tourism which is the starting point for trekking towards Meenmutty waterfalls. The starting point is located at herbs forest area which is full of Cinnamon and Sandal wood trees, this area is preserved and protected under forest department to avoid unethical cutting and smuggling of this these exotic trees.


The journey towards Meenmutty Waterfalls was astonishing as I saw Nature’s wonders while walking deep into the Jungle, wild spiders, thick popped out tree roots, unrecognizable Jungle sounds and some fun while enjoying the trek.

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