Sea Shell paradise – St. Mary Island, Mangalore, Karnataka.

I heard a lot about Southern India marvels and wished to explore more about the natural beauty of it. So this time I planned my trip to Karnataka.

Me and my room partner decided to travel some of the most amazing sites in this south Indian state. The add on was that we traveled on our journey through various transportation modes like Train, Sleeper Bus, Boat, and Aircraft.

My trip started with overnight journey in Train from Trivandrum to Mangalore Central. Prefer to take an over night journey to sleep as travel time is long.

View from Railway coach.

I opted for train journey as most of the rail route is parallel to sea line which offers breathtaking views.

After around 12 hours of journey we reached Mangalore junction. From there we went to Udipi bus stand and then took another bus for Malpe Beach.


Sour mango Refresher at Malpe Beach.

Malpe Beach is one of the best beaches to visit in Karnataka state of India. The beach is clean and well maintained for tourists. The beach offers wide range of water sports like:

  • Paragliding
  • Jet skiing
  • Sand motor car
  • Paddle Boating
  • Banana boat ride
  • Motor boat ride
  • Horse ride

Along with water sports it offers local street food to fulfill your taste bud temptation.20171104_152613.jpg



After lunch and some adventure sports we went to St Mary Island. For reaching this pristine island one need to take boat ride for 300 INR.




View from Boat while returning to Malpe beach was spectacular especially during sunset time.


Found these live sea shells at St. Mary island.

On my way back to Malpe Beach found jelly fish. Looks a bit weird something dirty right? 😀

Overall the experience of Malpe Beach was amazing and will recommend this to anyone visiting Karnataka to add in their Bucketlist. 

Trip Cost: 3,000 INR

Travel duration: 1 full day required to enjoy all activities at Beach and Island.

Best time to visit: Post Monsoon Season.



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