Areca nut Farming and Village life in Karnataka

This time I tried to explore some of the India’s well known gems which is Villages and lived a village life. I went to Shimoga in Karnataka with my friend to visit his native village. We both were excited as he was going to meet his family and i was going to explore raw life in Indian village. 

During our travel journey I found lush green farms along both sides of the road, cool breeze made me feel relaxed and blissful. We reached the village around 10 AM and after having some yummy home cooked meal I went to discover Coconut and Areca nut farming. 

On the way to Village in Karnataka.
Home cooked food prepared by my Friend’s Mom. It was yummy.
The door of Village house.

IMG_20171106_130825211_HDR (1)

My friend took me to his neighbour home where they kept Areca Nuts for drying in sunlight before its ready for consumption. Looking at the color and quality of Areca nuts I felt myself fortunate to witness his village in their peak harvesting time.


Looks like a flood of Areca Nuts.

IMG_20171106_123754365_HDR (1)

IMG_20171106_123637439 (1)
Raw Areca nut, freshly plucked from Areca Palm trees.
Final Areca nut product looks like this. Ready for consumption. But it will be transferred to Paan Masala factories.

After spending some time with his neighbour we went out on a walk to my friend Areca Nut farms. The route towards his farm was dirt road although it was smooth and clean and managed to ride bike amidst of coconut and Areca palm trees. 


Areca Palm, Banana and Coconut farms.
Gallery of Coconut Trees. Isn’t its cool?


Once we reached his family owned farm we met his uncle who take care of the premises and managed all harvesting activity with farmers for cultivating and harvesting Areca Palm and coconut trees. He explianed me the rigorous process for Areca Nuts from the plucking stage on the trees to the last step where it is dried up and gets delivered to the manufacturers of Mouth freshners across India. 

Raw Areca nut and its inner seed.


About Areca Palm and nuts – Areca nut is the seed of the Areca palm tree, which grows in the tropical Pacific, Southeast and South Asia. In India and Pakistan the preparation of Areca nut with or without betel leaf is referred to as paan. It is available commonly in India and sold in ready-to-chew pouches called pan masala or supari. On the other side, Areca Palm trees are powerhouse of oxygen and generate more Oxygen compared to other trees and considered good for environment too.

Truck full of freshly plucked Areca Nuts.



From Raw to final processed Areca Nut. Green is the raw nut freshly plucked from the trees, Brown is the seed removed from the Areca nut which is processed through a solution based milk to turn Areca nut as Red ready to be dried and delivered to manufacturers.
Local farmers cutting out Areca but to extract the seed.
Final Areca Nut after its dried and ready to be tranferred to Paan Masala industry. My Friend on the Left and his known people involved in Areca nut farming.

After having a great time discovering and exploring Areca Palm farms we went back home for Dinner. Sitting at his home I felt peace and positivity while nurturing my time spent with local village people who didn’t knew me before yet they greeted me as if we knew each other already. For dinner the home maker served us multiple food items in which one of them is my favourite that is Coconut milk which I thoroughly enjoyed during the meal course.

On the next day during breakfast my friend told me about the time and effort it takes to produce and harvest Areca nuts and how much they earn alongwith challenges they have to face depending on climatic condition and lack of profit generation due margin of commission charged by distributing agencies.

Overall my trip was great and will be memorable for me in my lifetime. The experience of exploring Karnataka Village during Peak harvesting season will be unforgettable. Clean air, organic food, sweet water all was so fresh which I have never tasted before living in cities. Great escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Before I left the village I clicked this pic with a naughty kid who preferred to give weird expression when I pressed my camera button.  IMG_20171107_104522899


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